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VCA / SCC Training

Training includes field of SHE management systems (SHE = Safety, Health, and the Environment) according to SCC 2008*05 (VCA 2008) which is compulsory in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Training topics:

1. Legislation
2. Hazards, risks and prevention
3. Accident: causes and prevention
4. Safety behavior
5. Tasks, duties, obligations and consultations
6. Procedures and instructions, pointing out
7. Emergency preparedness
8. Hazardous substances
9. Fire and explosion
10. Work equipment
11. Specific activities and conditions
12. Electricity and radiation
13. Ergonomic workplace
14. Personal protective equipment

Types of training:

VCA basic - for operational staff
VCA VOL - extended - for supervisors and managers


Training time:

1 day / 9 hours including breaks


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